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ATEX-compliant petrochemical pump


For a petrochemical company we built a customized ATEX-compliant mobile pump. The mobile unit is used for transfer operations and removal of residues from storage tanks in an Ex zone 2 of the refinery.

In order to be able to use the pump everywhere on the rough refinery premises, the mobile unit including the drive is mounted on a base frame equipped with fork-lift openings and crane lifting eyes. A telescopic loader or a crane transports the pump to its respective application site.

The fluids to be pumped are often polluted with organic solids. The pump sucks the fluids through a filter system installed on the mobile unit. The solids are separated. Tri-lobe screw rotors pump the medium nearly without pulsation. Only the lobe tips of the rotors have to be replaced in case of wear. 

The unit is operated by means of the operating device at the ATEX-compliant control cabinet. The Börger control technology monitors the entire mobile unit. Various measuring instruments control several parameters at the pump, the drive and the filter system. Indicator lamps inform about operating conditions and possible malfunctions. If defined pressures or temperatures are exceeded, the pump switches off automatically. In order to protect the pump from uncontrolled pressure surges, it is equipped with a Variocap and a bypass with rupture disks.

The pump is driven by an ATEX-compliant 30.0 kW variable speed motor. The pump speed and the flow rate can be varied continuously between 20 m³/h and 100 m³/h by means of a hand wheel. The flow rate can be easily adjusted to the specific application.