Patente Produkte

Patented products

A synonym for rotary lobe pumps:
"Börger pumps".

Due to the simple but ingenious pumping principle, this self-priming valveless positive displacement pump has become established throughout industrial sectors.

24 pump sizes in eight series with pumping volumes from 1 to 1.600 m³/h form the basis for customising your own pump. Due to the wide range of individual parts and materials available, Börger is able to supply almost every customer with a pump that has been specifically designed for their very own requirements.

Rotary lobe geometries, coatings and tips, pump casings and shaft seals are all selected depending on the medium to be pumped. Selecting the drive and manufacturing a framework that might be required, or mobile pump units can all be arranged.

In 2001 Börger introduced the Multicrusher which is based on the rotary lobe pump design using most of the same parts. This efficient chopping unit with suction function has now become a bestseller. The Multichopper is the ideal machine for simple chopping tasks. The perforated disc chopper delivers efficient results with 3 cuts per rotation for fibrous media.

Industrial use
Environmental and municipal technology
Food industry
Marine and offshore
Agriculture and biogas
Disaster relief

One for all

Börger products are used in all branches of industry. Börger is the number one choice in a whole range of different sectors for one reason alone: a Börger pump is like no other.

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