2011 - today

2011 Börger does not only supply the Multichopper plus with solid separator, but also the Multichopper pure without solid separator now.
2011 Automcatical MCA unit for constant cutting results of the perforated disk grinder Multichopper.
2011 In the area of biogas, Börger offers the separator Bioselect RC with rated capacities of up to 200 m³/h, depending on the model.
2011 Börger LLC moves into new premises. A strong growth means additional employees and further space requirements. Ideal conditions are made with a parcel of land of 20,000 m².
2011 Introduction of the product lines Classic, Select and Protect. The product lines differentiate in the kind of shaft sealing. Furthermore, you can hark back to the versatile possible equipment of the standardized pump room.
2011 Development of the Longlife casing protection plates for extremely abrasive and chemically aggressive mediums. The Longlife Plate is made from a special composite material and is characterized by an enormous abrasion as well as chemical resistance.
2011/2012 Destruction of the Börger’s private house and reconstruction of a 1,000 m2 administration and training building at the same place.
2012 Improvement and reorganization of the sales organization.
2012 The turnover as well as the number of employees have quadrupled within the last 10 years.
2013 Planning and realization of further areal enlargements.
2013 Visit by Garrelt Duin, minister of economic affairs for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. He chose us as an innovative company in the district of Borken and was surprised by our diverse business and worldwide activities.
2013 In 2013, product training took place for all sales teams of our subsidiaries at the German headquarters in Borken-Weseke.
2013 Inauguration of the new hall 8 at the German headquarters
2013 Marketability of the Powerfeed duo
2013 Market launch of the Börger aluminum rotary lobe pump and the EL 2250 pump
2014 Market launch of the P500 Multichopper with flow rates of up to 400 m³/h
2014 Market launch of the Bioselect RC 30 and Bioselect RC 150 separators
2014 Market launch of the Multicrusher Ocean, a macerator for macerating food waste on high seas
2015 Move into new production hall 3 and production halls 7.5 and 7.6
2015 Market launch of ONIXline rotary lobe pump. At the heart of the pump are the newly developed rotors. Their advanced geometry together with the flow-optimized pump casing ensures the best efficiency even with high pressures.
2015 40th company anniversary with attendance of several thousand customers and interested citizens
2015 Design and market launch of the world's largest rotary lobe pump XL 5350
2016 An additional size with capacities of up to 150 m³/h for each unit complements the Bioselect family.
2016 Construction of a mobile pump unit for the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) with flow rates of up to 25,000 l/min. The most powerful pump of the entire THW.
2016 Market launch of Powerfeed twin. First liquid feeding technology with integrated macerating unit.