The benefits of Börger fire department pumps

The compact, low-on-space design, unproblematic pumping in snore operation and the possibility to drive a Börger rotary lobe pump by means of different motors or a PTO shaft are reasons why the Börger pump is the ideal mobile pump. The rotary lobe pump is used on many roll-off containers.


Benefits at a glance

ready for use right away The rotary lobe pumps are ready for use right away − connect the hoses and start the drive.
reliable and durable The high quality down to the last detail is the reason why the Börger fire department pump is durable and reliable.
self-priming The pumps are self-priming. A suction aid is not required.
pumping in snore operation Pumping in snore operation is necessary in many cases.
resistant to solids The pump is resistant to solids. Even the pumping of sludges containing solids is no problem.
capable of running dry for a short time A short-term dry run is possible without problems.
constant flow rate with high pressures In contrast to the flow rate of centrifugal pumps, the flow rate of the rotary lobe pumps remains virtually constant even with high pressures (e.g. due to long pumping distances).
low life-cycle costs Low wear, short maintenance times and low wear part costs.
user-friendly The pumps are very easy to operate.
very easy to maintain due to MIP (Maintenance in Place) The pump can be maintained within a few minutes at any given location.
ATEX-compliant An ATEX-compliant pump design is available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.