Made for mobile use

The customized construction and excellent pumping properties of Börger rotary lobe pumps make Börger mobile units an ideal mobile solution for virtually any pumping task.

Benefits at a glance

suitable for standalone use Driven by a combustion motor, our mobile pumps are suitable for standalone use in virtually any situation.
powerful Flow rates of up to 6,400 gpm (1,440 m³/h / 24,000 l/min).
high-quality control technology The control technology is individually adapted to the fields of application and customers' requirements.
constant flow rate, even in high-pressure situations Even in high-pressure situations (e.g. due to long pumping distances), the flow rate of Börger rotary lobe pumps remains constant.
resistant to solids, self-priming and capable of running dry for a short time These capabilities make the pumps suitable for universal use.
ready for use right away The pumps are ready for use right away − connect the hoses and start the drive.
customized design Each mobile unit is configured and built individually.
user-friendly The pumps are very easy to operate.
very easy to maintain due to MIP (Maintenance in Place) The pump can be maintained within a few minutes at any given location.