Durable and resistant

The THW places great importance on self-priming pumps which run smoothly when conveying sandy sewage, solids, fibrous materials and oil.

Benefits at a glance

ready for use right away The pumps are ready for use right away − connect the hoses and start the motor.
suitable for standalone pumping Driven by a combustion motor, our THW pumps are suitable for standalone use in virtually any situation.
powerful Flow rates of up to 6,400 gpm (1,440 m³/h
high-quality control technology The pump is very easy to operate via its control technology. The display shows all relevant pump and motor parameters.
constant flow rate, even in high-pressure situations Even in high-pressure situations (e.g. due to long pumping distances), the flow rate of Börger THW pumps remains constant.
resistant to solids, self-priming and capable of running dry for a short time These capabilities make the pumps suitable for universal use. Even mud-laden media can be conveyed without problems.
user-friendly The pumps are very easy to operate.
very easy to maintain due to MIP (Maintenance in Place) The pump can be maintained within a few minutes at any given application site.