Wartung (MIP®)

Maintenance (MIP®)

Uniquely easy to maintain

Repairs and downtime cost time and money and working hours shouldn't be wasted on maintenance. This basic idea has urged Börger to keep on perfecting the design of the Rotary Lobe Pump. And this has produced an extremely efficient, reliable and unbeatably easy to maintain pump. All spare and wear parts are highly robust, durable and very cost-effective. There's no such thing as expensive maintenance contracts at Börger. You take charge of maintenance and repairs yourselves! The unique MIP system for our pumps makes it easy. MIP stands for “Maintenance in Place” which means that all wear parts can be easily replaced by maintenance staff directly at the installation site without dismantling any pipe or drive systems.

Maintenance Video

Unrivaled low maintenance
Replacement of Rotors with Lobe Tips

MIP® = Maintenance in Place

The quick-release cover provides instant access to the interior of the pump. All wetted parts can then be quickly repaired and replaced if needed, without dismantling pipe lines or the drive!