The benefits of the Börger Bioselect BS

The Bioselect BS is a highly-efficient combination of two Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps and sophisticated filter technology with downstream press channel.
The closed separation system allows an odor-free separation of solids from the liquid phase.


Benefits at a glance

Ready to install, compact machine Delivered as complete unit – only the power supply and 3 pipes need to be connected and after a few minutes the machine performs at full load.
Closed separation system The separation process takes place in an enclosed vessel which prevents liquid from escaping.
Adjustable thickness in operation The degree of thickness can be adjusted accordingly by the control unit during operation.
Feed-In pump also transfers the liquid on The pressure of the feed-in pump is sufficient to transfer the liquid phase in the Bioselect.
Fully odorless operation The closed design prevents any liquid and odors from escaping.
Separate, transfer, control liquid Simple and ideal. The exact DS content required can be determined in conjunction with the Rotary Lobe Pumps and by speed adjustment.
Liquid extraction and press channels are in series Liquid extraction and press channels are arranged in series. This special design preserves the screening area.
Also available as a mobile unit The complete machine can be delivered mounted on a vehicle trailer if required.