The components of the Bioselect BS

1 Boerger Bioselect In this separation unit the liquid is separated from the solids.
2 Drive with parallel shaft helical gear unit The Boerger Bioselect is powered by an electric motor with parallel shaft helical gear unit.
3 Feed-In pump A Börger Rotary Lobe Pump (feed-in pump) uses suction to remove liquid from a storage tank and transfers it to the Bioselect for separation.
4 High solids pump The speed of this Boerger Rotary Lobe Pump (high solids pump) is decisive for achieving separation. Depending on the speed, a DS content between 10 and 25 % can be achieved. The high solids pump also transfers the sludge elsewhere for further use.
5 Control unit The control unit coordinates the speed of the pump and the Bioselect auger, thus enabling precise results.
6 Pressure switch The pressure switch supplies essential information for achieving optimum control.