Operating principle

The Bioselect BS – a closed system

Liquid extracted from substances, such as liquid manure, digestate or other fibrous material, flows through the entry [ 1 ] into the Bioselect [ 2 ]vessel. A fully-sealed slotted screen [ 3 ] is inserted which separates the outer vessel from the auger chamber [ 4 ]. This chamber is positively-connected to the drive [ 5 ] . The liquid then transfers to the drive side into the screening area. The liquid is filtered through the screen into the outer vessel. This connections discharges the liquid phase[ 6 ]. The solid particles remain in the filter area. The rotating auger unit [ 4 ] conveys it to the post press channel [ 7 ]. The water extraction phase takes place in the enclosed press channel.

In the Bioselect BS, a Rotary Lobe Pump ensures that the thick mass is reliably sealed and at the same time transfers it for further use. The degree of thickness can be determined by an intelligent control unit and by adjusting the speed of the pump. The control switches [ 8 ] monitor the pressures.