Operating principle

Liquid feeding technology combined with storage container

The Powerfeed duo features Powerfeed solid feed technology combined with a storage container. The stainless steel design has a capacity of up to 10 t and is 3 m long. You can thus load the Powerfeed duo using a dumper or wheeled loader. 

Corn, whole plant silage, manure or grass silage is fed into Powerfeed from a storage container. The Powerfeed and a high-capacity biogas pump form the central unit of the feeding technology.

An auger shaft in the Powerfeed conveys the input raw material to the press channel. The biomass is compressed and worn down further in the process. An organic plug is formed in the press channel. The press channel empties into an induction unit, where the biomass is fed into the recirculate. 

The Börger biogas pump conveys the recirculate from the tank and into the induction unit.

Börger control technology

Börger control technology is able to synchronize feed pump operation with that of the Powerfeed unit upon request, thus ensuring trouble-free operation.

The Powerfeed duo is very easy to operate using an operating device at the control cabinet. 

Optimum safety and precise dosage

An electronic display provides information about the weight of the biomass in the Powerfeed. This allows you to feed in the exact dosage.

Different sensors constantly monitor the fill level in the Powerfeed. The data readings are transmitted to the control unit. The Powerfeed switches off automatically when the pre-set limits are exceeded.