Stable and durable

The Börger stainless steel tanks consist of individual stainless steel segments (1.50 x 3.00 m / 4.92 x 9.87 inches) which are bolted to one another. Joined together horizontally, the individual plates are stabilized by the peripheral U-profile. The cylindrical tank is constructed, attached and permanently sealed onto a smooth flat base plate.

... installed within a week

It usually takes about a week to erect a Börger stainless steel tank.

The cylindrical tank is mounted on the flat surface of the foundation. The procedure begins with the topmost ring of the tank. This is lifted for mounting the next ring.

An unusual but very effective method. Expensive and labor intensive scaffolding is not needed.

The individual segments are bolted on overlapping, one on top of another. The peripheral profiles keep the tank stabilized.

The cylindrical tank wall is mounted on the flat surface of the foundation and secured with the anchoring system. The sealing compound guarantees an optimum, long-lasting seal of the tank.

Simple, solid and permanently sealed.