Installation options

Installation options

The Bioselect installation options

The installation options of the Bioselect are as versatile as their requirements. Whether attached to a simple wall bracket, installed on a movable frame with an upstream macerator or as a mobile version with a conveyor belt – the application options of the Bioselect are unique. Several separators can be installed next to each other – also as mobile versions – for very high separation quantities.

The installation options shown provide an idea of the possibilities.

On a wall bracket

The Bioselect is installed on a bracket which can be swiveled - easy and effective.

On a frame

The feed pump conveys the medium to be separated into the Bioselect RC attached to a frame.

As the separator is placed in an elevated position, the liquid phase flows to its Destination.

Compact design with minimum space requirements

The Bioselect including the control technology and pump can be installed with minimum space requirements for applications with limited space and for mobile use.

Mobile version with conveyor belt and macerator

The feed pump conveys the medium to be separated to the Bioselect via a macerator. The solid phase is transported to its destination by means of a conveyor belt.

The liquid phase pump carries away the liquid phase for further use. A control unit ensures that capacity of the Bioselect is used to an optimum extent.