The new ONIXline Rotary Lobe Pump. A class of its own!

The new ONIXline.
Compact. Precise. Efficient.

Progressive Engineering.

Börger has drawn on its 25 years of experience in rotary lobe pump construction to develop the new ONIXline pump.
At the heart of the pump are the newly developed rotors. Their advanced geometry together with the flow-optimized pump casing ensure the best efficiency even with high pressures.
The ONIXline rotary lobe pump is used wherever other pumping systems reach their limits.

Compact – impressive performance with minimal space requirement.

  • High flow rate in a space saving design
  • Robust carrier and timing gear combined with precise rotors in a flow-optimized casing ensure the best efficiency even with high pressures
  • Ease of maintenance with MIP (Maintenance in Place)

Precise − highest accuracy enables gentle, nearly pulsation-free pumping action.

  • Large rotor sealing surfaces and the highest accuracy down to the last detail minimize backflow of the fluid inside the pump chamber
  • Gentle pumping of the medium due to flow-optimized inlet and outlet openings
  • Durable, maintenance-free timing gear

Efficient − best performance and highest energy efficiency.

  • Energy savings due to perfect adjustment of the pump casing to the flow-optimized rotors
  • Effective rotor geometry allows most improved fluid dynamics
  • Lowest life cycle costs

The Pump for Conveying Challenging Media.

Customized production and extensive utilization.

Every ONIXline rotary lobe pump is configured for each specific application. The large selection of materials offers the highest adaptability.
The large-volume sealing area allows the use of various sealing systems. The pump casing is equipped with integrated porting for mechanical seal piping plans.
Therefore, the pump can be used for conveying a wide variety of media in diverse industrial markets.

The pump solution for almost every market sector.

Chemical Industry
Oil and Gas
Offshore and Marine Industry
Pulp and Paper Industry
Sugar Industry
Other Industries

Sophisticated Quality down to the Last Detail.

Carrier and Timing Gear

Ensures the best efficiency combined with precise rotors and the flow-optimized pump casing

Large Intermediate Chamber

The large-volume intermediate chamber allows open or closed operation depending on the application

Connections for Mechanical Seal Piping Plan

Option to integrate a mechanical seal buffer, flush or circulation systems

Flow-optimized Inlet and Outlet Openings

Gentle and turbulence-free conveyance of the medium due to advanced geometries at the suction and discharge side of the pump

The Quick-Release Cover

Access to wetted parts through the quick-release cover – without removal of pipe or drive systems

The Rotors

Innovative rotor geometries allow nearly pulsation-free pumping with maximized efficiency

The Sealing Area

Adaption of various shaft seal configurations in voluminous sealing area feasible

ONIXline – Individually configured and built to suit your needs

The new ONIXline

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