Eine für alle

One for all

A Börger pump is like no other.

Börger products are used in all branches of industry and are the number one choice in a wide range of different sectors for one reason alone: Börger pump is like no other.

Just like a modular system, each pump is equipped according to the individual customer and perfectly adapted to the respective pumping medium.

Some of the renowned companies which have used Börger pumps for many years include automotive manufacturers such as Daimler and VW.

In the oil industry, Börger pumps ensure that production processes run smoothly at companies such as Shell and Total.

Börger pumps make a clean job of it for the Berlin Water Works too, the largest waste water treatment plant in Europe.

At the breweries of Krombacher, Licher and König Pilsener, Börger pumps perform successfully round the clock according to customer requirements.

Börger also holds the secret to energy-saving measures for pumping in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as BASF and Bayer.

We have also earned an excellent reputation for pumping liquids which are extremely demanding on the elastomers and shaft seals. Therefore, market leaders such as Akzo Nobel and Henkel put their trust in Börger pumps.

Making a global impact

We can be found wherever pumps are needed.

This applies to all possible application options as well as the location.

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