Multichopper components

1 Quick-release cover The cover to the interior of the Multichopper allows quick access to all wetted parts.
2 Blade holder Multi-arm holders with reversible blades are available as a rotating cutting unit.
3 Perforated disk Various perforated disks are on a stationary cutting unit. The perforated disks are held in place with a few screws and can be turned around to use on both sides.
4 Debris collector The debris collector is attached under the throughput flow on the Multichopper plus. The centrifugal movement of the blades and the diagonal flow of the liquid convey the unchopped hard parts into the debris collector. The Multichopper pure design does not have a debris collector.
5 Block casing The casing is produced as a single-piece.
6 Drive The drive is directly coupled to provide a more compact unit. Three drive model versions are available.