The components and technical design

1 Quick-release cover The cover to the interior of the Multicrusher allows quick access to all wetted parts.
2 Axial casing protection The medium flows through the interior of the casing and is fitted with an axial protective cover.
3 Blades The Multicrusher is designed so that you can choose which way the pumped medium flows by inserting the individual blade disks and defining the direction of rotation of the shafts. Various blade widths and cutting profiles determine the final cutting yield. The central fastening screws hold all the blade disks in position.
4 Shaft seals Simply ideal. The space here allows the proven mechanical seal to be fitted without having to fully dismantle other components. No pipe line dismantling, no drive dismantling.
5 Block casing The casing is a single-piece block casing made of gray cast iron or stainless steel.
6 Quench and control chamber Added control and lubrication fluid have both a monitoring and lubricating function. Leakages in the upper overflow area indicate any unwanted seal defects in the upper overflow area. This ensures that contaminated liquid cannot penetrate the gear unit.
7 Carrier and reducer gear This is a very solid design. Extra large gears and bearings guarantee the overhung bearing system runs smoothly for a long time.