Suitable for any situation

As an aluminum lightweight version, the pump and drive can be carried to places which are difficult to access or to a cellar.

Benefits at a glance

lightweight The pumps are easy to carry to the application site where they are required.
ready for use right away Portable pumps are ready for use right away.
compact and powerful Despite their compact size, the pumps are very powerful.
resistant to chemicals Even chemically aggressive media can be conveyed without any problems.
different drive options The drive can be selected according to the intended application.
customized Each pump is configured and built individually.
user-friendly The pumps are very easy to operate.
ATEX-compliant An ATEX-compliant pump design is available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
very easy to maintain due to MIP (Maintenance in Place) The pump can be maintained within a few minutes at any given location.