High pump performance without an integrated drive

The pump on a three-point mounting is highly flexible to use. An integrated drive is not required for this powerful pump. The rotary lobe pump is simply attached to the PTO shaft of a vehicle.

Benefits at a glance

easy to transport The pump can simply be attached to the three-point mounting of a vehicle and transported to the application site.
suitable for any terrain Sufficient ground and off-road clearance is also provided to be able to drive through flooded or difficult terrain.
ready for use right away The pumps are ready for use right away − connect the hoses and start the drive.
compact and powerful Despite their compact size, the pumps are very powerful.
customized Each pump is configured and built individually.
user-friendly The pumps are very easy to operate.
very easy to maintain due to MIP (Maintenance in Place) The pump can be maintained within a few minutes at any given location.