Durable and flexible

The compact design of the powerful rotary lobe pump, the high flexibility and individuality of the mobile unit design and the high quality down to the very last detail are distinctive features of Börger vat filling stations compared to many other solutions.

Benefits at a glance

customized Each vat filling station is manufactured in line with the customer's wishes and requirements.
quick filling and emptying There are huge time and cost benefits due to the high flow rates of Börger rotary lobe pumps.
maximum mobility Whether on a three-point hitch frame or a trailer – Börger vat filling stations can be used where they are needed.
compact design The compact design ensures easy transport.
easy to operate Operation of the vat filling station is self-explanatory and very easy.
highest quality Börger vat filling stations offer highest quality down the very last detail.
top or bottom filling For top or bottom filling of transport and spreader vehicles.
greatest ease of maintenance Like all Börger products, the vat filling stations follow the "Maintenance in Place" principle: Users can replace and maintain all wear parts themselves without having to remove any pipes, the drive system or pumps.
long service life High quality guarantees a long service life.
selectable drive The powerful rotary lobe pump can be either driven by a PTO shaft, a combustion motor, a hydraulic motor or an electric motor.