The advantages of the Börger Bioselect RC

The Bioselect RC is an energy-saving, highly efficient, compact solid/liquid separator.

The Bioselect stands out due to the drainage and press channels which are positioned one after the other. This special design preserves the filter unit. The rotating clearing auger is designed in such a way that it does not come into contact with the screen. Abrasive parts cannot cause any damage to the surface area here, thus increasing the service life of all components.

Benefits at a glance

Energy efficient The Bioselect is very energy-efficient.
No risk of penetration The rotating Multi Disc is always leakproof due to its design.
Stepless adaptation of the DS content The DS content can be adjusted steplessly by means of the Easy Shift unit. This is done manually or automatically (by means of a control unit).
"Everything from a single source" The Börger control unit aligns pump and Bioselect with one another without using an interface.
High capacities Four sizes with capacities of up to 150 m³/h for each unit.
Long service life No abrasion between the auger and the wedge wire screen and separation of the dewatering box and press channel to protect material.
Very simple and cost saving installation The Bioselect RC is very easy to install. Connect the pipes, attach the power supply and it's ready to use.
Loose dry solids The loose consistency of up to 38 % of dry solids makes it easy to further process the material.
Compact design Due to its compact design, the machine can be easily integrated into both new and existing systems and technology.