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Liquid penetration is impossible due to the Multi Disc technology (6). The Multi Disc (6) seals the press channel (5) as long as the required drying stage of the thick matter plug is achieved. This is when the slot for discharging opens and the solid phase is loosened and expelled – penetration-proof technology.



Fibers are caught in the profile groove of the auger (3). The fibers function as a sealing brush. Metallic rubbing between the auger and the wedge wire screen (2) is avoided by the brush. This unique technology increases the service life of the wedge wire screen (2) and auger many times over. In addition, the brushing surface cleans the wedge wire screen very thoroughly. Additional cleaning by the operator is not necessary.

The DS content can be adjusted steplessly by means of the Easy Shift unit (7). Alternatively, the DS content can be adapted fully automatically (pneumatically) by means of a control unit.