Benefits of Powerfeed connect at a glance

The Powerfeed connect can be directly connected to the discharge auger of a mixing dosing feeder or moving floor.

Benefits at a glance

Connection to existing mixing dosing feeders The Powerfeed connect can be connected to an existing mixing dosing feeder or moving floor without problems.
Highest level of safety Liquid penetration almost impossible due to the design.
Enclosed system, so no odor emission or gas leakage Odorless operation is achieved by the enclosed design of the Powerfeed. Gas leakage is impossible.
Less entrapped air The renewable raw materials are worn down due to the positioning and type of compactor unit in the Powerfeed as well as the design of blades and dosing aids. This enables them to achieve a larger surface area, thus releasing trapped air.
Less agitating required in the tank Systematic, independent feeding allows lowest agitating effort.
Less power consumption Energy is saved by the low agitating effort in the tank.
Dosing system for tanks of any number and of different heights The Powerfeed is extremely versatile and can be used in nearly every biogas plant.
Few moving parts, clear, compact conveying unit The simple but effective system is based on very few moving parts. This way, excessive wear is prevented.