Operating principle

Safe and reliable feeding of solids

Safe feeding of solids

The Powerfeed connect is used for feeding biomass into a biogas plant. The discharge auger of a mixing dosing feeder or moving floor (1) "feeds" the Powerfeed connect with the solid biomass via an opening at the side.

The auger in the Powerfeed connect conveys the biomass to the press channel. A plug is formed here. Rotating blades scrape solid particles from the plug. The solid particles are fed into the recirculate by means of rotating agitator blades.

The Börger biogas pump conveys the recirculate from any tank to the induction unit (2) of the Powerfeed connect. The operation of the biogas pump and Powerfeed are adjusted to each other by Börger control technology on request. This way, trouble-free operation is guarante.