The benefits of the Powerfeed at a glance

The Börger Powerfeed is distinguished by its extremely effective and economical operating principle and in particular due to its versatile features which can be adapted to individual requirements.


Benefits at a glance

Closed system, no odors or gas leaks The closed structure of the Powerfeed ensures odor-free operation. Gas leaks are prevented.
Less entrapped air The substrates are conditioned by the position and type of press unit in the Powerfeed as well as the design of blade and metering unit. Through this the substrates obtain a larger surface area and trapped air is removed.
Less agitating in the tank The specific individual metering means only minimum agitating is required.
Less power consumption Less mixing in the tank saves energy.
A metering system for tanks of any size or number The Powerfeed is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any biogas system.
Very few moving parts, simple effective conveying unit The simple but effective system is based on very few moving parts. This prevents excessive wear.