The components of the Powerfeed

1 Feed Hopper The biomass is supplied via a feed hopper installed in the Powerfeed.
2 Press channel At the end of the press channel the organic matter is compressed. The length of the clumps can be individually adapted to the type of medium.
3 Auger shaft The rotating auger shaft is made of durable stainless steel. It is connected to the parallel shaft helical gear motor via the drive shaft. The other end of the auger shaft bears the rotating compression and feed unit and is housed in a counter bearing with a quick-release cover.
4 Flushing unit The recirculated liquid flows through the flushing unit where the biomass is dispensed. The flow direction is optional.
5 Central clamping unit A central screw fastens the agitator flighting, scraper blades and the adjustable screw adapter for forming the clumps.
6 Quick-release cover The quick-release cover provides fast access to the interior. Here the clump formation can be adapted to any application.