Operating principle

Safe and reliable solids feeding

Integrating the Powerfeed in a biogas system

The Powerfeed technology and the powerful biogas pump form the central unit of the mobile entry technology. On the suction and pressure side, all the tanks are connected with the pump via a controlled valve manifold unit. The Powerfeed model is installed at an appropriate point in the pressure pipe system. In the fully enclosed system, the Boerger dosing technology conveys the biomass into the flow pipeline. Suitable switch settings allow the renewable resources liquid mixture to flow the right way to the required tank.

The operating principle of the Powerfeed

The organic matter is supplied by the filling hopper. The auger shaft of the Powerfeed conveys the organic matter by wearing down and compressing it towards the press channel. The press channel leads to the flushing unit which is connected to flow pipeline. The clumps which form in the press channel have the effect of a self-renewing seal. The raw material is worn down due to the position and type of compressor, the dosing unit in the Powerfeed, as well as the design of the blades and dosing aid. Through this they obtain a larger surface area and trapped air is released.

At the same time the organic matter is fed into the flow of liquid in doses (recirculated) and forms noticeably less buoyant layers. Appropriate switch settings downstream allow the solids/liquid mixture to flow the right way to the required tank.