Börger B-MX submersible mixer – reliable quality

Cleverly designed down to the very last detail, the Börger B-MX offers superior quality, from the choice of materials through to ease of maintenance.


Benefits at a glance

Completely made of stainless steel The high-precision block casing is made of stainless steel. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel.
Design for optimal flow properties The slim, rim-free design ensures optimum flow behavior. The liquid can flow to the displacement blades without turbulence.
The mechanical seal has been tried and tested over decades Tried and tested over decades, the Börger mechanical seal blocks the medium side from the quench reservoir.
Cable inlet at the protected rear of the motor A permanently enclosed yet replaceable cable inlet provides three-phase current drive via a connection cable. A thermal sensor integrated in the winding ensures that the motor is monitored and protected against overload.
Optimum efficiency The aerodynamic design also ensures high efficiency.
Simple maintenance The oil filling in the motor not only provides a long service life and good heat dissipation, but also lubricates the tapered roller bearings and ensures low maintenance.