The benefits of the Bioselect BS

The Bioselect BS is delivered as a ready-to-connect complete unit. All components are manufactured by Börger, including the separation technology, the rotary lobe pump, the control technology and the metal construction. Top-notch quality matched perfectly.

Benefits at a glance

Compact device ready for installation Delivery as a complete unit – only power lines and piping are connected, after just a few minutes the unit reaches its full performance.
Closed separation system The separation process takes place in a closed cylinder from which liquid cannot escape.
Thickening rate can be adjusted steplessly during operation The thickening rate can be adjusted steplessly between 12 and 22 % by the control unit during operation.
“Everything from a single source" The entire ready-to-connect unit is manufactured by Börger. We guarantee perfectly matched components for optimum operation.
Fully odorless operation Thanks to the enclosed design no liquids and, as a result, no odor can escape.
Separation, transport, control Simple and ideal Depending on the two rotary lobe pumps and their stepless speed adjustment, the desired DS content can be determined precisely.
Water extraction and press channels are separated to protect material Drainage and press channels are positioned one after the other. This special design protects the screening area from damage.
Easy maintenance For maintenance work, the entire Bioselect can be moved to a horizontal position by means of hydraulics.