Control technology

Customized for your requirements

Upon request, our in-house electrical engineering department produces and programs a control technology which is perfectly matched to your requirements.

Options at a glance (selection)

  • Ideal coordination of the operation of all components (e.g. feed pump, macerator, liquid phase pump, Bioselect)
  • Perfect utilization of the Bioselect, even with changing composition of the medium being fed, by a control that ensures optimal loading (metered feeding)
  • Control of pneumatic valves, conveyor belt, macerating technology
  • Production data acquisition (operating hours, flow rate, etc.)
  • Protection of the entire system (pressure monitoring, dry run protection, function monitoring, etc.)
  • Integration via bus system (Profinet, Profibus, etc.)
  • Simple entry and user administration via touch display
  • External control by operator possible via mobile communication, WLAN, DSL (remote maintenance by Börger is also possible)
  • and so on