Pump testing facility

Innovation and quality are paramount for Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps.

An in-house testing facility is used to subject new products to realistic conditions. New products are only launched once they have passed a series of tests.

In addition, quality assurance controls and individual tests are performed for the customer in the Börger pump testing facility.

The Börger pump testing facility

  • 9 m deep suction shaft (17 m³)
  • 34 m³ tank capacity
  • Various pipe sizes
  • Comprehensive measuring instruments

The high-temperature test stand

  • for fluids up to 300 °C
  • Various temperature sensors at the pump, pipes, etc.
  • Measurement of pumped volume, pressure pulsation and frequency band measurement
  • Rev counter, pressure sensors, flow meters, temperature sensors in the piping, etc.