The company's success story

In over 20 years the company has become the market leader for elastomer-coated rotary lobe pumps and is represented in more than 50 countries throughout the world. When the 25 year old Alois Bürger founded the company in 1975, the company's success story starts to unfold.

Initially working as a representative of another company, Börger quickly begins his own work in development. In 1985 the development of the patented rotary lobe pump begins, which was already on the domestic market by 1987. International marketing starts in 1990.

The success of Börger pumps is not long in coming. Meanwhile Börger supplies major companies in all industrial sectors. Today, key applications can be found in waste water and sludge treatment, in the chemical and paint industry, in paper and pulp manufacturing, petrochemical and oil industries and many other areas where the user has recognised the patented benefits of the piston versatility and the quick-release rotor tip.

Today, Börger rotary lobe pumps stand for patented technology, unbeatable low maintenance and customised solution systems. Product development it the company also succeeds in transferring the expertise and leadership in technology to other product segments: the technology for Börger chopping units and the Powerfeed SSR entry technology are leading the way in global competition.

Product mission

We offer high quality, high performance, low maintenance products.

Repairs and downtime cost time and money and working hours should not be spent on maintenance: This summarises our company and product mission.

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