Variable and versatile

Every submerged or semi-submerged pump is configured and built individually for the specific application.

Due to the wide range of available options, the pumps can be used in various ways.

Benefits at a glance

resistant to solids Durable if pumped medium contains large amounts of sand.
for highly viscous media Even highly viscous media can be conveyed with little effort.
installation length of up to
6 m
Börger semi-submerged pumps can be built with a coupling length of up to 6 m.
resistant to chemicals Even chemically aggressive media can be conveyed without any problems.
gentle pumping Shear-sensitive media are pumped gently.
compact and powerful Despite their compact size, the pumps are very powerful.
customized Each pump is configured and built individually.
ATEX-compliant An ATEX-compliant pump design is available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.