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Solid/liquid separation – Bioselect

Bioselect – a separating system for liquids containing solids

The Börger Bioselect stands for efficient separation technology. Using a purely mechanical process, liquid parts are separated from solid parts in the medium.

At all four sizes of the Bioselect, featuring maximum capacities of between 25 and 150 m³/h (110 and 660 gpm), the dry solids content is infinitely variable between 12 and 38 %. The penetration-proof separation technology can be installed as a stationary or mobile unit. It is very energy-efficient and has a high resistance to wear.

On request, we supply the Bioselect as a ready-to-connect complete unit including control unit and rotary lobe pump. The control unit perfectly matches the operation of the pump and the separator and ensures that the capacity of the Bioselect is used to an optimum extent.

The Börger Bioselect is available in two versions.