Performance curve

Performance curve

High flow rate even with increasing pressures

Pump performance curves provide information about the efficiency of a pump. The flow rates of Börger rotary lobe pumps remain virtually constant even in case of increasing pressures.

The ONIXline rotary lobe pump series at a glance:

Pump series Min. flow rate in usgpm Max. flow rate usgpm Max. pressure in psi
ONIXline BJ 090 0.2 190 230
ONIXline BJ 140 0.4 295 190
ONIXline BL 190 0.5 400 230
ONIXline BL 280 0.7 590 190

*The maximum speed and maximum pressure are different depending on the pumped medium. Please ask for order-related data.

ONIXline BJ 090 performance curve

ONIXline BJ 140 performance curve

ONIXline BL 190 performance curve

ONIXline BL 280 performance curve